Two schemes to install SharePoint:
1. [single serverStand one] install all the components in one server including database(default is SQL Express
2. [multiple servers farmFarm]   SharePoint’s components are installed in different serverswith SQL Server being  installed in other servers

1. If adopting the former scheme, we need to install SQL Express. It won’t be a problem      since most developers have already installed either SQL Server Enterprise version or   standard version which has more powerful performance. But if we install too many database instances, the functionality may suffer.

2. If adopting the latter SQL Server must be installed by default in computers with domain controller (native or local both work).

3. We will make some changes based on the second scheme by installing SharePoint3 in native computer and using the existing native databases. We choose not to install domain environment since domain controller will slow your computer down so that it will cost a lot of time to start the computer. By doing so, we can both have SharePoint development environment and guarantee the computer’s performance.

I. Installation Environment
Operation System :(x64
Windows 7Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 ( ), please refer to the special process before installing and prepare installation files before processing in the following steps 
Windows Server 2008 R2

SQL Server 2008 + SP2, SQL Server Express (SP2), SQL Server 2008 R2

Requirements for Computer
RAM4GB at least
CPUat least dual-core with 2.0GB or more

SharePoint installation files

II. Installation steps
1. Start  SharePoint  installation  program
a) Firstly, install operating environment

b) Secondly, install SharePoint Server, CAPTCHAGGDG8-JCMXH-8KG8C-RJYYX-3Y33HIt seems to be a testing account free of charge for 180 days

It may take 30 to 60 minutes depending on computers’ performance. After installation completes, do not click Run the SharePoint. Just click finished and exit.

2.  Configurate database by using PowerShell
PSif we use SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard to configurate database, the database must be installed in domain environment , or it can’ t pass the validation

All programs Microsoft SharePoint 2010 ProductsSharePoint 2010 Management Shellright click->Run as Admin,
Input the following command in command line New-SPConfigurationDatabase

     Input the name of SharePoint’s configuration librarydefaultSharePoint_Config
     Input the name of Database Server

     PShere will pop up a prompt box. Input the native account and password of the Database Server into the box. Please note the format [computer name]\ [Administrator account].If you mistakenly fill it, there will be no validation until the final step when the error is being exposed. Thus you may waste a lot of time.
      Passphrase: having no clue to its use),it must consist of at least 8 bits with special characters, numbers and letters. Such as@Qwert12
Then enter and the following will appear in the screen after a successful configuration

PSplease note that the whole configuration process may take 10 to 20 minutes depending on computer performance .when the cursor is blinking; it shows that the configuration of server is underway. Do not close the window I make such conclusion based on three-hour trials

3. Run SharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard configuration SharePoint
runAll programs Microsoft SharePoint 2010 ProductsSharePoint 2010 Products Configuration Wizard

Up to nowSharePoint has been successfully installed in non-domain environment and database in other computers on LAN.

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